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Review : Shine on the brutal line, try Over Trade with IUX Market broker (with clip)

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

I have read the article Try Over Trade with IUX Market broker (with clip) from website. I felt that Phil Kota was excited to follow. So I picked it up for you to read. 😘

Personally, I strongly agree with the owner of the post. It's another voice that would like to cheer for IUX Market with all my heart (but I don't ask anyone to try Over Trade often.'s a risky thing, haha. Let's read and play for fun as a lecture.) 😁😁😁

Come on, let's get excited. Shorten some parts to make it shorter, focusing on the clip. 👇👇👇(The red text will be where the Passive income FOREX admin writes more colorfully)

ส่องสายโหด ลอง Over Trade กับโบรกเกอร์ IUX Market (มีคลิป)

Try Over Trade with IUX Market Broker (with clips)

Hello fellow traders. In this article, it's time for IUX Market broker that I will test it for my friends to see how interesting this broker is. I see a lot of people talking about it being good, low spread, trading against the news. Today I tried Open an account and try a brutal trade. Over Trade to see that. How will the graph run? Try it yourself, it hurts yourself Good or bad. Tell the truth.

I have already opened a trading account. I started by depositing money into my trading account with an amount of 20,000 baht. The deposit process is very simple. I deposited via QR Payment in less than 2 minutes and the money came in. (From what I read, it was traded on June 22, 2021.)

After depositing 20 thousand baht, you get 630.32 USD (exchange rate 31.72 baht per 1 USD). (And the iux market does not charge any fees for both deposits and withdrawals.)👍👍👍 During the period that I will try to trade Bitcoin is falling heavily Due to the recent negative news, the BTCUSD pair has been running strong lately, giving it a good chance to test it.

Start trading, sell the first wood lazily at 0.25 lot, the graph runs down, hit full TP, profit $59.70, follow sell again 1.00 lot, close by hand, press immediately, close quickly, very good like that there is no lag at all in order to see the picture I have recorded a clip of it while trading. Let's see how stable the IUX trading system is.

After trying a brutal Over Trade during a heavy running chart I will admit that IUX Broker is very stable, spreads are not wide even when the market is volatile. Makes the opportunity to make profits smoothly. If any friends like to trade during the news, strong graphs, IUX brokers can take care of every stick.

Broker IUX Market is considered a new broker for Thai people. Founded in 2016 in London, the company entered the Thai market in 2019. It features low spreads, major pairs, spreads less than 1 pip, making it a favorite with scalping traders (short-term trades). only a few seconds or a few minutes)

During the news announcement, the graph ran strongly. Most of the big brokerages are dealing with problems. Unable to execute orders, some freezes, some delays due to traders entering trades at the same time. This causes the server to work hard until it freezes. Choosing to trade with a new broker It will help you not encounter any backlog while trading. 👍 Proverbial about speed Because it is the only broker that has Cloud Server in Thailand. Really fast. It made me worry about many things. And is a broker that does not charge fees (No SWAP) when holding orders across the day.

The disadvantage of IUX Market is that it is still a new broker. The credibility may not be as much as the big ones. The advantage is If the broker provides good service The highlight is clear, iux could be a big forex broker in the future. (At this point, the admin would like to guarantee the quality of IUX Market with people because they have tried it from direct experience and believe that IUX Market will definitely grow into a top forex broker. Cheers.)✌✌✌

🙏Thank you for coming from the article.


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