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Pinching pennies: how to make every dollar last

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5 Tips to Pinch a Penny

It’s the middle of the week, payday is 3 long days away but there are a few things around the house that are going to need replenishing before that day comes. You have been so good on your budget all month long and you don’t want to mess it up now!

I have been there so so SO many times! Although we are slowly getting better, it seems so often our bank account shows a very consistent reflection of us stretching every last dollar when it comes down to the end of our paycheck.

We have been diligent in doing our very best to stick to a budget and have since figured out some tricks on how to pinch a penny and make those last couple dollars last a little longer. Here is what we have learned.

Pinching pennies: how to make every dollar last. Passive Income FOREX

1. Don’t throw away your leftovers

Don’t throw away your leftovers. Passive Income FOREX

Just because your family didn’t eat that entire platter full of grilled chicken means you need to throw it away! There is a time at least once a week I reserve for leftovers night. It is awesome! The reason it is so fabulous is because I don’t have to cook and dinner is ready in just a few short microwavable minutes. No need to go out and buy more groceries, just use what you already have. Your family won’t eat leftovers? Maybe you don’t quiet have enough of one dish for a full serving. Try thinking of creative ways to combine leftover dishes to create a new meal. One of my most favorite leftover meals I threw together recently was Mexican lasagna. I had some left over steak, leftover grilled chicken, tortillas, some black beans, cheese, and enchilada sauce. I started layering all the leftovers in a casserole dish, plopped it in the over for 20 minutes and it was done!

2. Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. Passive Income FOREX

This is a big one that can apply to so many different areas of your house. The main idea behind it is if you are thinking about throwing something away, take a second and think. Can I make this last a little bit longer? Can I add or alter this somehow to get a little more life out of this?